RPI Limited Terms and Conditions of Membership

  1. MHC Resort Parks Limited Partnership (RPI) utilizes its publications as a vehicle through which it provides information and lists all services to RPI Limited members.

  2. The agreement entered into by a purchaser subscribing for membership in RPI Limited is a separate and distinct contract from the purchaser's agreement with the company sponsoring your membership. RPI is not a real estate offering, nor is there any agency or ownership between RPI and its affiliated resorts. RPI is an independent service company. RPI does not have any direct interest in developing, selling, or managing any membership resort plan participating in the RPI Limited program.

  3. Members are billed directly for their RPI Limited membership on an annual basis. You must remain a member in good standing with the sponsoring resort/company to participate in the RPI Limited program. If status as an RPI Limited member ceases due to nonrenewal, and member does not renew the subscription within 90 days of any renewal date, the member will be required to complete the new membership process.

  4. All reservations at RPI Limited resorts depend upon the availability of sites or units, and requests can only be confirmed if space is available. Therefore, RPI cannot guarantee that a member will receive accommodations or RV site use.

  5. The facilities and accommodations vary from resort to resort.

  6. The RPI Limited membership discount varies depending on season. The seasons are set by the resort. Typically, high-season for resorts in the sun-belt areas (Florida, Texas, Arizona and Southern California) runs December to May. Other areas typically follow a summer peak season which runs Mid-June through Mid-September. Some high-use destinations may have more than one peak season.

  7. The RPI Limited membership discount does not apply during holiday periods and/or during special events. However, you're welcome to camp at the regular price for these dates.

  8. The RPI Limited membership discount cannot be combined with other discounts.

  9. The RPI Limited membership discount applies only to the basic (standard) site rate. It does not apply to deluxe or premium sites.

  10. In addition the nightly site or accommodation rental fee, there is a daily resort fee that will be collected by the resort. This fee is currently $4, but is subject to change without notice.

  11. The RPI Limited membership may only be used by the member and his/her guests. Each resort has occupancy limits that must be followed. Typically, a site can accommodate one family (up to 6 persons).

  12. RPI Limited members may stay at a resort for up to 14 nights at a time and must have 7 nights between visits to the same resort.

  13. RPI Limited members are entitled to one RV site and one Rental unit at a time.

  14. Members are responsible for the payment of any expenses incurred as well as damages caused by them or their guests while visiting a resort. When using rental accommodations, the member is also responsible for the replacement of any missing items.

  15. The terms and conditions of membership, and the program offered by RPI, and the other benefits and services offered by RPI may be changed from time to time. Changes may affect, but are not limited to, annual dues and other fees, benefits, services and discounts offered, and the priorities and procedures for making reservations. Members are notified via RPI's website (www.rpi-limited.com), via email, and in other notices to members. Representations made other than in these publications are not binding on RPI. Current publications supercede all prior publications.

  16. In the event RPI has confirmed a reservation for a member and the confirmed unit is not available because of fire, storm, earthquake or any other natural disaster or an act of God or other reason beyond RPI's control, the member waives any claims against RPI.

  17. Termination or suspension of membership privileges can occur when RPI rules pertaining to the host resort are violated or in the event of abusive behavior toward the host resort or RPI personnel.

  18. RPI's liability for any loss or damage arising out of membership in or use of the RPI Limited program and service is limited to the annual fees paid to RPI by the member.

  19. Where available, all discounts and services provided by other than RPI are subject to change without notice. Fees, if any, charged by resorts for the use of amenities are determined by each resort. These fees may differ among resorts.

  20. All published resort information has been obtained from the respective resorts, and to the best of RPI's knowledge, it is accurate and complete. RPI is not responsible for errors of commission or omission.

  21. The membership agreement between the member and RPI shall be governed by the laws of the state of California, and venue for any action at law or in equity pursuant to that agreement shall be in Los Angeles County, California.

  22. All RPI Limited materials are copyrighted and cannot be reproduced in any form by photocopy or other means, without prior written permission from RPI.

  23. Any representations concerning the RPI Limited program is limited to materials supplied or otherwise approved by RPI. Any other representations are not valid or binding upon RPI.

  24. RPI cannot guarantee fulfillment of a specific request. RPI cannot guarantee that any particular resort will always be a part of the RPI Limited program. The availability of sites at smaller resorts and resorts in high-use destinations is limited.

  25. Affiliation by a resort with RPI imposes no responsibilities or liability upon the resort for the performance or non-performance of RPI in providing services in any of its programs.

  26. All rules and procedures, annual dues or service fees are subject to change without notice.

  27. RPI Limited members have the right to use an RPI Limited affiliated resort as set forth in the RPI Limited member rules. Procedures are set forth on the website at www.rpi-limited.com and are subject to change.